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inCase™ for Conveyancing firms

With limited fee income, conveyancing practices have to balance the time spent updating clients against volume of work.  

Residential conveyancing is a challenging market. Clients and estate agents demand constant updates and information to know that everything is on track for completion as quickly as possible. 

However, conveyancing departments are often plagued by telephone calls and emails asking for the latest news from their clients and sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day to handle all of them. This can result in loss of faith and trust by the client or worse, a complaint. 

inCase™ Conveyancing has been specifically designed to help clients receive updates and information on the sale and purchase of their property. Giving real-time information and instant access allows clients to quickly grasp where they are up to, avoiding the need to call or email. 

Not only will inCase™ Conveyancing keep clients informed, it will allow your conveyancing department to spend time on more productive work, increasing efficiency without compromising on service. 

With inCase™ firms can actually increase their profit margins by speeding up the cycle of transaction and lowering the number of human touchpoints. 

Benefits for conveyancing practices:

  • Efficient - fully integrated into your case management system
  • Convenience - real time updates automated from template letters or workflows
  • Education - full breakdown of the sale and purchase process with a virtual tracking tool 
  • Productivity - reduced calls/emails allowing fee earners to increase productivity
  • Speed - eliminate delays as clients view letters/documents and sign forms all on their phone. 

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Want to know more about inCase?

To find out how inCase integrates with your case management system; provides vital communication between you and your clients and; brings efficiency and lower operating costs, ask for more information here.

"inCase has achieved exactly what we wanted from an app. It has given us a real USP and allowed us to use leading technology to provide tangible and measureable benefits both internally within the business but also externally to our customers.

There are many benefits to the app, including improved efficiency internally and streamlined communication, but by far the biggest benefit is the enhancement to our customer service."

Rachel Stow Managing Director, Thorneycroft Solicitors