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Learn more about how inCase™ works

inCase™ is a true mobile app which has been developed to allow quick and easy integration to your firm. The mobile app is licensed to you with your brand name.

Your case management system is programmed to send specific data to your client’s app as a PUSH message. Your client will receive the message within a split second of it being sent and will appear as an alert on their smart phone or tablet.

The inCase™ app has four main sections:
Your Updates
Send Photos
Contact Us

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Your Updates

Here is where all the messages sent to your client are held. The messages are permanent and provide a subject line and a full message. As inCase™ is not designed to replace what you do but supplement it, the messages can be crafted in short, simple, bite-size pieces of information to tell your client exactly what is happening.

Your client has the immediate option to rate the message every time, providing valuable management information.



Here is where your client can find out about the whole process of the service you are offering. Consumers crave more information about a process and the possibilities in the future, all driven by the web. Scattered information on websites and forums mean that your clients can get confusing and conflicting information about the process they are in. Here, you control the information and provide clear educational material that they can trust.


Send Photos

Your clients may need to send photos as part of the service you are offering. These could be of vital documents, signatures to documents, injuries, etc. The facility is linked to their smart phone photo album or they can take a new photo and send it direct to your fee earner with the press of a button. No more complicated attachments to emails or problems with file size.


Contact Us

Here your client can send you a quick message. No need for them to provide their name or reference. Clever technology means that the message will go straight to the inbox of the fee earner taking care of your client.


inCase™ also provides you access to management information never seen before:

  • See when your clients access inCase™
  • Track clients sessions and use
  • Collate ratings for individual fee earners
  • Track incoming messages, photos and calls
  • Track clicks to Twitter and Facebook feeds
  • Identify potential business via the “Share” button