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How can inCase™ reduce costs and increase client communication?

What you know but can’t see…your business is leaking thousands of pounds each month!

inCase™ will reduce this loss to your business considerably by:

  1. Pushing more, easy to understand information to your clients automatically
  2. Providing a bank of information about the Process they are involved in to deal with general queries about the future
  3. Real time information
  4. Available 24/7 – convenience to your clients to deal with you when they want
  5. Permanent log of all messages for them to review at any time
  6. Send simple messages direct to your file handler to deal with at a convenient time
  7. Practical management information 

To illustrate a typical cost of client communication, let’s assume the following for your business:


Every staff member has to deal with 1 call (or email or letter) from a client each day asking a question about their matter which does not progress anything at all


Each call (or email or letter) takes 2 units of time (12 mins) to deal with


Every staff member is classed as a Grade D status (charge rate of £111 per hour in most major regional cities)


WIP recorded each day per staff member is therefore 0.2 hr x £111 ph = £22.20 i.e. £22.20 of WIP which is unrecoverable and a 100% loss to the business


Every month, each staff member will record and lose the business £444.00 (£22.20 x 20 working days)

What is our communication costing us?

Let’s assume that your law firm has 20 staff:

Unrecoverable WIP recorded

20 staff x £22.20  
= £444 per day


£444 x 20 working days
  = £8,880 per month


£8,888 x 12 months  
  = £106,560 per year

Is that as bad as it gets?

Unfortunately, the above cost to a business of 20 staff is likely to be as low as that…in real terms it will be a lot more. There are 2 main reasons why:

  1. The daily number of calls/emails/letters from clients will most often average more than 1 per staff member
  2. Not all staff members are Grade D. Some will be Grade A (£217 per hour), Grade B (£192 per hour) or Grade C (£161 per hour)

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“inCase™ is a fresh and innovative way to communicate with our clients. It provides us with another platform by which to communicate information about their case and also for them to communicate easily and readily with us. It keeps the client updated with the claims process and provides them with a wider understanding of the status of their claim and what might be coming next, thus making both us and the legal process more accessible to them.”

Hannah Bardsley, Clear Law


Our Satisfaction Guarantee

“If within the first 30 days of inCase™ having been installed you are not totally satisfied, you can cancel the remaining contract and walk away”


What’s included?

inCase™ is integrated into a legal practice’s case management system but is offered as a full “turn-key” solution. Here is what your business gets from inCase™ for a monthly fee:

  • Full integration into your case management system
  • Marketing material including template emails and letters to launch to your existing clients
  • Branded marketing flyer for promotional purposes
  • QR and text codes to drive downloads
  • Full SRA Compliant Risk Assessment complying with Code of Conduct (OFR)
  • On-site training
  • Full management system
  • Weekly reports set up to a dedicated email
  • Monthly reports with “top-level” numbers
  • App design and feature upgrades included at no extra cost

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